Thursday, June 21, 2012

Peach Highlights

My hair right now is a medium to light brown and I decided I want to get peach highlights. At first I was going to do the dip dye but I don't want it to look too un-natural so I figured highlights is the way to go. My hairdresser is usually pretty good but I'm just hoping I don't walk out a redhead or with orange hair lol I love red hair but mine gets very red in the Fall on it's own so I'm aiming for something different.

Even though Lauren Conrad seemed to kick off the peach thing, it's actually not an easy color to find in an image search so I wouldn't call it a trend just yet. I tried apricot, coral, light red, etc also. Here are the best ones I've found.

Miranda Lambert
(This is the color and highlight style I'm going for! If I hadn't seen this shot, I wouldn't have even thought of it)

Runway Model, 2012

 Minka Kelly

 Natalie Portman

Blake Lively

 Lindsay Lohan

 Runway Model, 2012


 Katharine McPhee

 Rachael McAdams

 Jessica Simpson


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