Sunday, June 24, 2012

Best celebrity bandage dresses and where to get them...

Bandage dresses are so popular right now and have been for about 4 years, I don't think there's a celebrity I haven't seen in at least one so I decided to list the ones I've found to be the best, why they worked well and where to buy them!

Audrina Patridge
Yellow Bandage Dress

Easy Street Silver Heels
Webster Pumps
Princess Pleated Heels

I love, love, LOVE this dress! Mainly because of the neon lemon color. It's definetly difficult to find this color unless you're buying an exact replica. I'm not sure about the shoes, I would've paired it with black shoes but her dark hair color and tanned skin makes this work great for her!

Pink Bandage Dress

Another dress I just adore, this one is easy to find (but pricey of course), it's been replicated by a ton of different companies. The cheapest replicas I've seen are at French Connection and on eBay. I think her makeup worked beautifully right down to the black nails. Earrings match the t strap shoes. None of her accessories take attention away from the dress and it fits her skin tone perfectly.

Amanda Bynes
Blue Bandage Dress

This dress is pretty popular with celebrities. It's also been worn by Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, Beyonce, Erin Andrews and more. I think Amanda Bynes wore it best though. Minimal accessories and I love the hair color with it.

Irina Shayk
Green/Teal Bandage Dress

I loved this dress from the first time I saw that photo! Other than being a tad short, I think the colors are unique together and I love the light pink heels. Her tan definetly makes this work a lot better than it would on a lighter skin tone. This style can be found in a range of colors including pinks, browns, reds and purples.
Miranda Kerr
White Bandage Dress

It was tough to choose between this one and Miranda Kerr's red bandage dress look which is also gorgeous but I decided to do the white because this is so simple yet still a stand out. I love that it goes to the knee but wasn't able to find another one that does other than the exact replica. I think almost anything she does works for her, no explanation needed!

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Rose Ombre Bandage Dress

 This was definetly the difficult one! I'm in love with these colors and the metallic sheen. This dress has yet to be duplicated by any companies so it was very tough to find similar ones at prices that aren't outrageous. I think her it fits her shape perfectly and I love the darker color nude heels. And hardly any accessories! Any accessories probably would have taken away from the dress itself.

Christina Milian
Sky Blue Bandage Dress

 Christina Milian wore this on New Years Eve 2008 into 09 and I'm including it because I love the sky blue/periwinkle color. It fits her skin tone and makeup great and I love the accessories!

Kimberley Walsh
Black Studded Bandage Dress

Adore this! I think she has an awesome, curvy shape and this probably would not have looked as good on a thinner frame. The opaque tights are also excellent with this. I couldn't find a replica but did find a few similar ones.

Danneel Harris
Red / Pink Ombre Bandage Dress

I'm a sucker for pink & black even though red & black are my favorite colors so this dress is just stunning to me. I would buy the pink with those patent heels right now if I had the money and somewhere to wear it to lol She chose the perfect shoes for this!

Jennifer Metcalfe
Aqua Bandage Gown

I included this one because it's a bandage gown and those are few and far between. I love the slit up the side and I think it works great with her skin and hair color and style. I'm almost sure it wouldn't have worked this well on a light skin color.

Here are 16 more honorable mentions!

ROW 1   Alessandra Ambrosio, Kiely Williams, Doutzen Kroes, Jessica Simpson
ROW 2   Kristin Cavalleri, Kim Kardashian, Amy Brenneman, Cheryl Cole
ROW 3   Ellen Hollman, Cheryl Cole, Maria Fowler, Carmen Electra
ROW 4   Erin Heatherton, Joanna Krupa, Leona Lewis, Joss Stone


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