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Trend Alert : Watercolor Prints

Watercolor prints are becoming more popular by the day and I absolutely love them. Below is a list of ten dresses, shoes, skirts and more.

$62.30 on eBay

8. Watercolor Floral Ruffle Tank
$19.99 at Charlotte Russe

7.Magenta Empire Tank Top
$11.99 at

$14.99 at Target

$53.99 on eBay

$84.99 on eBay

$9.99 at AMI Clubwear

3. Beanpole Skinny Jeans
$100 at Nasty Gal

10 Cute Shoes Under $20...

 Ten pairs of shoes on a budget!

$20.00 at AMI Clubwear
9. Faux-Suede Heel Boot with Bow
$13.99 at Charlotte Russe

7. Riviera Buckle Sandal
$14.99 at Payless
$19.99 at Payless

5. Red Summer Heels
$12.00 at

3. Crossed Strap Sandals
$16.80 at Forever 21
2. Faux Suede Ankle Boot
$19.99 at Wet Seal

Monday, May 28, 2012

Glitteracy : 10 Glitter Products I'm Dying To Try....

I love glitter, shimmer, sequins, anything that shines and pops. So much so that I'm making a special feature for it. Anything glitter-related will go here! To start with, 10 glittery makeup products I've either tried or been wanting to try.


 10. NYX Glitterati Glitter Cream Palette
(I get all of my NYX products from her store, great prices and fast shipping every time!)
This is what I'm using right now when it comes to glitter. The upside is that the colors are unique and this is a pretty big sized palette. The downside is that it takes quite a bit of work to get the effect you're probably looking for. Most of the glitter seems to be on top and underneath is the "cream" part. I read a review on this before I bought it that basically said the same thing but I was dying to try it so I bought it anyways. It's decent and sticks easy but I'm not sure I'd buy it again. I would go with their Loose Glitter first.

9. NYX Loose Glitter Powder 

I love this stuff! I have the Hot Gold and I don't know why I haven't gotten the rest yet. It is basically loose glitter in a little bottle that usually costs about $1. I'm itching to try the Crystal and Pink. I haven't come across any downsides to it. It comes out fast and sticks so you have to be careful not to dump half the bottle out at once but it is awesome. I'll be doing a full product review on it in the future, love it and recommend it!

8. Hard Candy Walk The Line Liquid Liner
Buy at HardCandy.Com

I've had the Dream Girl (gold) and Lace (silver) for a while and this is another product I love. It also comes in basic colors without glitter. Goes on perfect! Also looks good with a little on the eyelashes.


7. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner 

At $18 a pop, these are definetly over my budget for eyeliner but they're still attractive!


 6. NYX Candy Glitter Eyeliner

I nearly bought one of these last time I did makeup shopping. I love NYX so it's yet another product of theirs I'm hoping to try eventually.


5. LA Splash Diamond Dust

These seem to be pretty popular and I found a brown/mocha color that looks SO gorgeous, definetly want to try that! Enchanted Forest (green) and Regal (brown). 


4. NYX Glitter Cream PaletteBuy at Joys Cosmetics (eBay)

I almost bought these two instead of the Gliteratti Palette but ultimately chose that one because of the variety of colors. I'm not sure these are much different from the cream palette I listed above (# 10) but would still like to try them.


 3. Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust

This one is waaay out of my budget so it will have to remain a wish! I still would love to try it. This is the only shimmer dust I've seen in a spray bottle lately. Also comes in powder form.


 2. elf Glitter Gloss 

I love elf and this is something I'll definetly try soon. I haven't found too many lip glosses that actually appear glittery to me so a must!

 1. NYX Glitter Slim Eye Pencils 

These come in both regular form and glitter form. There are about 6 that are glitter pencils and I've been dying to try em!

Color Wheel - May 2012, Week 4 : Yellow

First color wheel post! I tend to get hooked on one color at a time so each week, I'm listing things in one color (definetly not to be worn together, mix it up!). This week I'm digging yellow!

10. Pow Wow Skinny Jean - Neon Yellow, $54.99

 9. Yellow Stretch Jeggings, $17.09

 8. BCB Generation Cielo Yellow Heels, $89.00

7. Neon Yellow Lycra Ballet Flats, $26.99
Buy at AMI Clubwear

6. Oasis Halter Dress, $21.80
Buy at Great Glam

5. Unbalanced Floral Dress, $29.80
Buy at Great Glam

4. Daisy Push-Up Bikini, $19.50 (Seperates)
Buy at Victoria's Secret

3. Womens Printed Racerback Tank, $16.00
2. Neon Allover Lace Dolman, $12.25

1. Duo Circle Acrylic Earrings, $1.89

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