Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello Early 90s, we've missed you!

Ever since the late 90s, we've been recycling fashion and a good number of trends we have today seem to be inspired by a mix of 1980s and early 1990s runway and magazine editorial fashion. It's hard to believe it was 20 years ago! I've put together four outfits from the era and a ton of scans that look like they could be pulled from any of todays magazines.

 Christy Turlington  |   1992

I saw this picture of Christy Turlington with a Barqs rootbeer in the early 00s and I've loved it ever since. The outfit, photography, pose, hair, colors, setting, the whole thing! If I had to pick one to re-create myself, it'd definetly be this one.
Michelle Eabry  |  1990
Vintage Jello Yellow Lucite Bracelet

Neon! This cover is from a French Elle 1990 issue. Layered tanks and bakelite earrings are 90s all the way. I actually started to really love the bakelite and lucite earrings while I was putting this one together. The chunky ones are tough to find but a search on Etsy will give you a ton of options. I added in the lipstick, NYX Round Lipstick in Narcissus because I have that color and it's VERY similar to what she has on!

Rachel Williams  |  1991
Silver Chain Link Dangle Earrings

I love the blazer look so this one was an easy choice. You need a fairly long one to pull this off. There are literally tons of white blazers online and in stores but there are also vintage ones from that era on Etsy and Bonanza. Her watch is more of a crystal bracelet-style watch but I wasn't able to find any decent priced ones.

Angie Everhart  |  1992
Belted Romper
Cateye Sunglasses
Neutral Slide Sandals
Embellished Flip-Flops
Portal Sunglasses
Mia Sandal

I'm not a big fan of rompers but this halter romper from 1992 looks to be scalloped lace at the bottom which I think is cute. Victoria's Secret just released a very similar berry colored one which is only $40 right now! Not bad for their prices.

More Similar Fashions
More runway and magazine pulls from the early 90s that look similar to todays fashion. The only thing I wasn't able to find was the stone wash look :( Suprising because it was super popular back then. Also the floral grunge trend which looks to be making a comeback.
Iman, 1992 
Crochet-style pants are the latest to start popping up!

Kate Moss, 1994
Beri Smither, 1991
Culture Phit Red Sandals - $56 at Culture Phit 

 Karen Mulder, 1995
Everything about this one looks modern to me. The snake print, crop top, high pants and gold sandals.

Carried Away Rose Gold Platform Sandals - $56 at Unlisted

Cindy Crawford, 1990
The shoes not so much (or at all!) but the blazer, jewelry and sunglasses.

 Paulina Porizkova, 1987
Yellow Wrap Skirt - $8.50 at Forever 21

 Yasmeen Ghauri, 1991
This screen tee/dress look looks really familiar! I have yet to see any letter earrings like that, though.

Helenda Christensen, 1992
 Early 90s bandage dresses! These look about the most modern of all. Helena Christensen for Herve Leger, 1992.
Tortoise sunglasses, large tote bag, blazer. This almost looks like a pull of Alessandra Ambrosio from a modern issue.

 Heidi Klum, 1994

 Kate Moss, 1993
The fringe bikini look and white sunglasses.
Helena Christensen, 1992
 Claudia Schiffer, 1990
Black ankle boots, high waisted shorts, colorblock jacket (LOVE that jacket!).

 Gretha Cavazzoni, 1991

 Claudia Schiffer, 1990

 Christy Turlington, 1993

 Unknown, 1993
 With the multicolor lucite bangles and bright sheath dress, this one looks super modern.

 Claudia Schiffer, 1990
I mainly added this one for the color blockin, denim jacket and bangle. I'm sure the legging style will only be a matter of time!

 Unknown, 1991
Those sunglasses are hot right now as well as the jeans and cuff bracelets.

Niki Taylor, 1991
Beverly Peele, 1991
 Niki Taylor, 1991
One of the most modern-looking, I love this one!

Claudia Schiffer, 1990
 Unknown, 1991

 Nadege du Bospertus, 1990

 Emma Balfour, 1990

Cindy Crawford, Herve Leger 1993

 Rachel Williams, 1991

Cindy Crawford, 1991


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