Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hair Trend : Purple Ombre

Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne are by far the frontrunners with the purple hair trend with more movers and shakers following their trail everyday. The black or almost-black into dark purple is popping up everywhere and I intended to just cover that but I also found a few blondes into light purple that were too pretty to leave out!

 Katy Perry

Out of all the hair colors she has had, I think the one below is by far her best! Style as well (other than her curly VMA look that I LOVED), the lighter purple pin-up look she did in the past just didn't fit very well. This color looks amazing with blue eyes which she has.


Vanessa Hudgens

 Jordin Sparks
Jessie J

 Selena Gomez
(first photo is clearly photoshopped but cute nonetheless!)

Joss Stone
Joss Stone was the original to pull off the purple look back in 2007. I think it looks amazing on her!


Cheryl Cole

Safe to say I don't think this worked very well for her :/ It would have looked better without the platinum blonde mixed in and with her makeup toned down a few notches.

 Model, Unknown

 The Pastel Blonde/Purple Look

Lady Gaga

Scarlett Johansson
I absolutely ADORE this! Not only does the hair look great (may be photoshopped, not sure) but it's a beautiful shot by the photographer.

 Kelly Osbourne 
This works suprisingly well on her! It fits her features and skin tone nicely.

 Lana Del Rey
I don't care too much for this on her, it just looks odd.

 Ellie Goulding
Not sure about this one either. I don't think the style works for her.

- Bloggers Who Pulled It Off -






- Celebrities I'd Like To See It On -
(edited by me)

 Taylor Swift

 Miley Cyrus

 Demi Lovato

Elle Fanning


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