Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color Wheel - June 2012, Week 3 : Olive

I tend to get hooked on one color at a time so each week, I'm listing things in one color. This week I'm loving olive!

10. Dark Olive Brazan Dress

 9. Olive Jacket

8. Olive Aviator Sunglasses

  7. Olive Poet Dress

6. Olive Velour Hoodie

 5. Olive Cargo Shorts

 4. Booty Camp Sweatpants

 3. Teeze Me Olive Dress

2. True Olive Skinny Jeans
1. Olive Crystal Deco Bracelet

The reason I picked olive this week is because I keep running into olive gowns when I'm working and I think they are SO pretty and unique. Not too many people choose olive as a gown color and on tanned skin tones, it looks stunning! Here are a few!

$40 on eBay

$459 on eBay

$80 at David's Bridal

$360 at CB's Limited

$550 at Liquiwork
I can't get over this one! I've never seen a dress like that in my life, sooo beautiful! One I'll remember if I ever need one and have the money for it.

Celebs In Olive

Top  : Nicole Lapin , Rihanna, Minka Kelly
Bottom : Brenda Song, Bar Refaeli, Leighton Meester


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