Monday, May 28, 2012

Oddities : Kinda odd but totally wearable heels...

On my search for the strangest heels, I ran into a few that I actually liked and a few I could see other people wearing. Odd but not totally off the wall!

10. Neon Spiked Heels(Loving these colors!)
Buy Them Here!
 9. Rose Thorn Heels

 8. LED Pumps
(These remind me just a little of the 90s!)
High Tech meets High Fashion (Blog) 

 7. Dereon Rainbow Heels(These are sold out at the moment! Love them!)

 6. Color Block Rhinestone HeelsBuy Them Here!

 5. Blue Gradient Fur Heels

 4. Black Snake Heels

 3. Lion Paw Heels
(Not for me but I could see somebody else trying them! These are sold out right now)
Buy Them Here!

UK Jubilee Heels

1. White Camo Heels
 Buy Them Here! 


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