Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dip Dyed Denim!

Dip dyed denim jeans, shorts, jackets and vests are turning into one of the hottest trends right now. This is my list (seperated by low end and high end prices).

------ LOWER END - AFFORDABLE ------ 

$34.80 at ASOS

$42 at Very.Com
 ------ HIGHER END - PRICEY ------ 
$282 at Shop Bop
$149 at Nordstrom

 (I love these!!!)

$185 at Nordstrom

$54.95 at Karen Miller

$145 at Piperlime

$9.80 at K-Mart
$19.80 at Forever 21

$19 at Nordstrom
(I'll be buying these ones for sure!) 
$15 at Hot Topic
$45 on Etsy
$46 at ThreadSence
$34 at Nordstrom
There are also a ton of dip dyed shorts for sale on Etsy, some vintage and some handmade. They usually run anywhere from about $30 to $90.
------ HIGHER END - PRICEY ------

$49 at Urban Outfitters
$94.90 at UNIF Clothing
$98 at Bloomingdales


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